Hello, I’m Breez

A DJ / Producer, passionate about creating good energy


Breez, also known as Fabricio Almeida, was born in Miami, Florida. His music style alternates between bass-grooving House to experimental Jersey Club, which is especially prominent in his first original debut, “Welcome to The Blackhole”, which featured on Tomorrowland’s Radio Show, “Unreleased with Austin Kramer”.

In November 2020, he dropped his first remixed song, “Still D.R.E. (Breez Remix)”, which Carnage on his “KTM” exclusive mix supported. Since the start of his career, he’s directly supported artists like Meduza, Carnage, Cash Cash, Noizu, and many more. His most notable performances were displayed at STFU & Party in Bimini. He’s also performed at places like Rockwell, Racket, Space Miami, Potbelly’s, and Tenn in Tallahassee. He’s currently a resident DJ at the iconic Wall Lounge located in Miami Beach, Florida, and drops his monthly mix “Breez n’ Teez” on Youtube.

The Goal

Generate inspiration and courage in others through unique sounds and positive energy. I work with a range of genres in electronic music as well as different artists and venues to accomplish this life goal.


I Create Unique Moments

I Create Unique Sounds

Music & Mixes

Welcome to the Blackhole
First Original
Still D.R.E (Breez Remix)
Featured on Exclusive Carnage KTM Mix
Breez n Teez Volume 13
Exclusive Mix
Breez n Teez Volume 12
Exclusive Mix


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(786) 300-7368

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